Christian Rober


This is from an album I made with my friend Michael back in '03. Each piece was done live with no edits.

These are some unfinished instrumental melodic pieces I made. Some things in here involve my attempts at looping very long melodic phrases.

These are two pieces where I am trying to create melodies with no attack, which can sound somewhat amorphous and non-lyrical.

This is an experimental "remix" of a "bad" song where I scrub through the song in real-time using granular synthesis. Kind of like micro-scopic surgery.
I am essentially trying to twist the original sound byte stream into my own melodies, with little relation to the original.
This was done before his death, so pardon the title.

This is an orchestral piece I wrote the ASO was kind enough to play my senior year at Bard. Probably the ohly time an orchestra will play any of my music, so there is that at least!