Too sad....

Hi, first I want to thank you for your App!

I have a little trouble...
I woulyour d like to use Everest with my I rig blueboard.....
But it doesn't works...

First, most of your midi control used a Note. (Blueboard can send only cc or Program change.

So I fried to convert the output midi signal of my Blueboard...
At this moment I realised that everest didn't have the Core Midi.... (I think that, because any of my App can saw it....

Too bad.

Hope that you will do something for me....

My best


  • @edouardpapazian,

    Sorry about the blueboard trouble. I don't have one to test, and was hoping it would just work. I did not know that BB only sends CC or PC, that is a shame. I do have some good news though:

    1) The next version of Everest (1.0.3) DOES create a Core MIDI input bus/endpoint. I tested this with apps like Lemur, and it works great. Everest will show up in the list of available inputs in apps that support. I am assuming that is what the BB MIDI app supports.

    2) Everest currently (1.0.2) listens on the MIDI Network driver and any attached peripherals (this includes WIFI from a computer). While waiting for me to release the next version, you can try to get the BB to connect via the MIDI network. You may have to close Everest and restart it AFTER you setup the MIDI network. I can provide more info about setting this up if needed, though I have only tested this on Mac computers.

    3) Everest does respond to MIDI CC messages. Check out the MIDI implementation here (it is also in the app itself under Settings/MIDI/Documentation): Scroll down past the MIDI note section to see the MIDI CC section.

    4) However, the press and hold functionality is only available via MIDI notes. The CC messages rely on cycling through each looper to change which is being controlled by the corresponding CC's you assign. This is good because on the BB you can assign one CC to cycle through each looper, and have three left over for global buttons or Record, Erase, Multiply, etc.

    Can you tell me, does the Blueboard send CC values of 0 when you release any of the foot switches? If it does I can add the press-and-hold behaviors for CC's as well.
  • @edouardpapazian - I just released version 1.0.3, let me know if the blueboard works for you. Everest should show up as a MIDI destination, when it is open. I am anxious to hear if it works or not. Thanks!
  • @edouardpapazian Everest 1.0.4 now has a switch to ignore, or not ignore, MIDI CC values of 0. This should work with the Blueboard. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks.
  • Can anyone confirm that Everest works with blueboard?
  • Hi!

    I've just bought Everest, and I'm pleased to report that it works well with an iRig Blueboard.

    Following your instructions, I turned "Accept Zero Valued CC" on, as the Blueboard sends 127 when a CC button is turned on, and 0 when it is toggled off. Buttons/CCs are set up as follows: A/75, B/77, C78, D/79. I'm not yet familiar enough with the Everest controls to know if this is the best configuration for my needs, but I was able to switch slots, record/play, pause, and erase. D/79 seems to turn quantize on and off for the selected track, and also takes two button pushes to do it, so I'm not quite sure what is happening there, but apart from that it works great!
  • Thanks for the update Alan! Glad to hear it is working for you.

    CC #79 should be mapped to the Overdub Toggle. When the loop is empty it should toggle the Quantization state as you have experienced. Since that is a "special" case/state I am assuming there is a minor bug there... I will investigate and report back when I find something (if anything).
  • Thanks Christian. I'll continue to experiment.

    Also, my timing seemed to be off with starting/stopping recording until I realised that the trigger is when the button is released, not when pushed.
  • This is a bit counter-intuitive. Would there be anyway to reverse it?
  • Do you mean reverse the fact that the action is triggered on release? So that the action is triggered on the press? I think it depends on what the Blueboard transmits on the press (if anything). It sounds like the Blueboard only transmits MIDI values on release. IF that is true then there is no way for Everest to know that you have pressed the footswitch, only that you have released it.

    Have you seen other apps respond to the down part of a foot switch press?
  • I tested the board with Midi Monitor, and you are absolutely correct. The board only transmits on release, alternating between values of 0 and 127. At least now I know what I'm dealing with. Thanks for the clarification!
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