First, I want to apologiy because I realise only today, that I ask my first yquestton on this forum, and not with an email..... (Too sad....)
And I am still too sad....
Because, I still can not use Everest with my Blueboard, even if it is recognised now....

The Blueboard didn't sent note but PC or CC...
When I try to control Everest with it, I have to tap twice, foe a command, which is too much annoying for a loop record start....
Do You have any suggestion?
My Best
The last update is awesome...


  • Hi @edouardpapazian

    I am sorry you are having problems with Everest and the Blueboard. My interpretation of your problem: you are able to connect the BB to Everest, but the controls aren't working the way you expect. Is that correct? In Everest, with MIDI CC's, you should NOT have to press a button twice to trigger one action. So something, somewhere in this chain is definitely wrong.

    As a quick test, I would first assign the following CC's to three of the BB's buttons (if you haven't already):

    1. 75 - Loop Increment (to select different loopers)
    2. 77 - (Compound Record/Multiply/Restart)
    3. 78 - (Compound Pause/Erase)

    Please let me know if you see the same behavior with those CC values/settings.

    It seems the BB, in CC mode, for each physical switch tap, sends a CC value of 127, followed immediately by a value of 0. Have you seen this behavior in other apps? This is only a guess, since I can't find BB manual online, and can only read customer reviews and/or comments on sites like Amazon. Everest was coded to handle precisely this situation, so I am surprised and disappointed that it is failing you in the field. : (

    Also, to help me diagnose:
    What are your settings for the Blueboard?
    Are you in CC mode?
    To what CC value is each switch assigned?

    Feel free to email me screenshots of the BB app as well, if that is easier for you. You can start that email chain from the glowgraph contact page: http://glowgraph.com/contact.html I can always repost solutions here for the benefit of other users.

    I guess I have to get my hands on a Blueboard for testing. ;D
  • I set my BB as you asked.
    BB is in CC mode.
    I make the test with midi monitor to check out the message....

    75 : .
    The message is
    75 to value: 127 (100%)
    Nothing happened

    The message is
    77 to value 0 (0%)
    First tap = start record
    Second = nothing
    Third. = stop record

    The message is
    78 to value 127 (100%
    First tap = nothing
    Second = pause
    Third = nothing
    Forth = delete

    I use BB with Loopy HD and LP 5
    I don't have this kind of trouble

    I will probably say a mistake, but Peraphs that the trouble comes because of the multiple function for 1 CC

    In BB you have some features like hold a button to change the BB bank... I tried with and without this... Same, sale....
    Also, send PC in CC mode.... Same, same...

    Feel free to ask me other test...

    My best
  • Thanks Ed,

    Given what information you posted, it seems the Blueboard alternatively transmits CC values of 0 and 127. This explains why every action requires two presses; Everest ignores values of 0 for CC's.

    I coded it this way because some MIDI controllers send a value higher than 64 when the button is pressed down, and a value of 0 when the button is released/up. Others just send a positive/assigned value on every press/down, and nothing on released/up. I don't have a controller that behaves like the Blueboard (nothing on released/up, and alternating values on down) by default, so I never tested this scenario.

    The first fix that comes to mind is adding a setting switch in the MIDI section, to NOT ignore CC values of 0 for these toggle controllers. This way, both the existing controllers I have tested and the Blueboard can work with Everest, depending on the setting of this new UI switch.

    Either way, this means two things:

    1. I have to buy a Blueboard to manually verify/test this theory before coding it.
    2. I have to create a new point release for this fix (1.0.4).

    If you are interested in testing this new fix, please let me know via the contact page, as that would make this whole process faster for you and other users that are blocked by this issue.
  • Hi guys,

    I just thought I'd take the time and post something here. Interestingly, one of my requests is directly related to this.

    I recently bought a Livid Guitar Wing. Really nice controller. It has an editor where you can assign the pads to either notes or ccs. With ccs you can choose between momentary (value 127 on tap, 0 on release) and a toggle mode where there's nothing sent on release.

    I set it to momentary and it works nicely except for Everest's replace mode. Since Everest ignores cc values of 0, I have to push my pad twice to start and stop an insert which makes it impossible to insert short 'holes' into a recording.

    So my request would be: please implement the same behavior that's already used for the midi note control of the replace function for the ccs as well: cc value 127 (or anything greater than 0) -> replace start, cc value 0 -> replace stop. In my opinion, that would be the whole implementation more consistent.

  • Hey @Axel,

    I just saw the Guitar Wing for the first time. I was wondering how it would work with Everest. :)

    I agree that the MIDI CC implementation in Everest should support the different flavors of CC hardware controller behaviors in the MIDI controller market. This echoes my sentiment to Ed above. It is good to see that the Wing does support MIDI notes, have you tried setting just one button to a note control for Replace? I can't tell from the documentation whether it supports mixed CC/Note assignments for the same patch.

    Also, I assume you are using the CC's because of the selected looper design. Eventually it would be great to assign certain note-on's to the selected controls, and CC's to dedicated press and hold's. A MIDI learn mode would enable that, leaving the current implementation as the standard default mapping (restorable). This is on the roadmap and has been requested from the beginning by a good number of users. Hopefully I can get that working in the near future.
  • Hi @christianrober,

    the Guitar Wing is a really nice piece of equipment and the wireless midi means I can get rid of one usb cable and my powered usb hub which is lovely. Also, those touch faders are perfect for working the window parameters in Everest. Which is why I'm really craving a solution for those nasty pops.

    Yes, it's possible to mix cc and note (and program change) messages in one patch. And you guessed right, I'm using the ccs to have as many controls as possible available for a selected loop. But then again, I hardly ever use more than one loop at a time because I love the possibilities you have for creating new rhythms on the fly using window manipulation in combination with Multyply and Replace. Do you know Andre LaFosse? This sort of stuff. I love it :-)

    A Midi learn mode would certainly be fantastic, although it might not be necessary for me, because I've recently purchased Midi Flow and I'm starting to use it to overcome a couple of limitations like the fact that you cannot recall different controller layouts from the Guitar Wing.

    I'm figuring out lots of intersting stuff and I'm definitely planning to shoot some videos but that's a whole new world for me so it's going to take a while. But it will come ;-)
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