iOS 8.4 Issue

Hi Everyone,

A user just reported that Everest is broken in iOS 8.4. I have upgraded and confirmed this on my iPhone. I am investigating the cause now. When I find it, fix it, and submit it to Apple for review I will update this thread.


  • Brief update:

    I found part of the problem last night: Apple seems to have silently changed the requirements for Apps that use more than 2 I/O channels and more than one output device. I could not find any updates to the documentation to reflect this change, so it was difficult to diagnose.

    I was able to fix it partially yesterday: Everest now can record and all buttons work, but the output volume from the speaker is incredibly low, near inaudible. So I am investigating that now.

    I also temporarily removed the app from the store this morning. There was a really frustrated customer that wrote a very negative review. I know that this won't be the new customer using 8.4 that is expecting it to work, and they will be very disappointed. I was hoping to get it fixed before everyone upgrades to 8.4 but it is just taking too long to fix, hence the removal.

    On a positive note while waiting for the new SDK downloads I was able to quickly implement a few things people were asking for. Namely: Undo now undoes recording presses and MIDI CC values of 0 (from things like the Blueboard) can no longer be ignored via a switch. If I can I may add at least one more small feature before the 1.0.4 release.
  • Ok, I submitted the recent fixes and the above features to Apple for review. Hopefully the app will be back up and out in a few days. Let me know if anything else breaks. :)
  • Good news: Everest 1.0.4 is out on the App Store. I encourage anyone with iOS 8.4 to upgrade immediately. There are a few fixes in the app and two small features. Thanks for your patience!
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