Everest Roadmap

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy time for Everest. I made a few tutorial videos, worked on the development blog, and I pushed the 1.0.1 release to Apple for review at the end of last week. Still waiting for approval. Hopefully it won't take too much longer...

So, in planning the next release (1.0.2 or 1.1), I wanted to share a Google spreadsheet I created of my current plans for Everest in the coming year (or two):


This document will change over time; I just wanted a single, legible place where everyone could see the features and tweaks that I have planned. Note: There are no dates or timelines for these features. They are sorted in a rough priority order, but that can change too. Certainly the top three are high on my list of things to do.

I would really appreciate some feedback on which features/changes are most important to you, aside from the top three listed (Window Quantization, Pasting of WAV files, and AudioBus support) because I already know many people want these features. :)

As always, I am open to discussion and will respond as fast as I can. A lot of the items in the spreadsheet are UI tweaks, or extensions of the functionality already in version 1. Some of the critical ones could change or improve your workflow, which is why it will be so helpful to hear people's opinions.



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    This spreadsheet is a great idea and something that other developers should take up. I bought the app before seeing this but it is fantastic to see some forward planning. Very cool, kudos to you.
  • Thanks!

    I just updated the doc with more details on many of the features. I also added a quick rundown of my thoughts about the difficulty of each item. It is probably easy for people to infer the timing of each one, though I as I prototype and finish testing each one, I will update the doc accordingly.
  • V1.0.2 Great update! Thanks
  • You are welcome, and thanks for the support. I hope the Audiobus implementation is up to par. I tried to make it as flexible and usable as possible, especially in the Receiver Port.
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