Everest as effect in Aum

why does that not work and when will it be possible? Everest seems to be exactly the looper that I need but it does't turn up in the list of inter-app audio effects in Aum ...


  • Everest exports itself only as a Generator Inter-App Audio app, not an Effect or Music Effect app.

    When I first implemented IAA support this seemed like the most logical option for a few reasons:

    1) Everest needs MIDI/Control/Touch input to work/record/play/etc. IAA Effects _tended_ to be more passive at the time; user's set the effect parameters, put the effect in their chain, and don't actively edit it throughout the session (typically.) Hosts didn't seem to support Effect apps that way; It didn't seem like the right fit.

    2) Everest was still able to record from the microphone/hardware while being a Generator app. When in the effect slot of a host app, sampling the audio stream was not intuitive with respect to the hosts routing, and it certainly wasn't standardized across hosts (i tested Garage Band, Cubase, and Auria at the time).

    3) I had ran into some bugs/stability issues when publishing Everest as more than just one type of IAA app (it really could fit into any of the four types, depending on the host). So I just picked the simplest one.

    4) Audiobus seemed to cover the case of recording/looping other app output, so I thought that would satisfy most user needs.

    5) I thought that the AudioUnit v4 API would stabilize and see wide adoption, rendering IAA obsolete, but I haven't seen that yet... so I haven't implemented Everest as an iOS AU. Please let me know if I am wrong about this.

    All that said, I am wrapping up one more release of Everest at the moment, so I WILL revisit this and report back when I know more info. Is AUM the only host app you have tried? Are there others I should test?
  • thx for your reply. I have tried Audiobus and Everest turns up there but ... once you have tried Aum, you'll not go back to Audiobus. Take a few minutes and try for yourself. Whatever the reasons it doesn't work, unless Everest works as an effect in Aum I don't think I can use it - I bought a copy because it seems to cover many things I am used to from hardware or vst loopers, and I'm sure it is a great app, so I was more than happy, but it is as useless for me as a looper without input now. I don't know anything about APIs and such, you'd have to talk to the Aum developer directly
  • Update: I was able to get Everest working in AUM, but only in the first "input" slot. It works well: syncs to AUM's clock, receives input from hardware, etc. AUM is a cool app, I can definitely see why people like it.

    Everest doesn't currently pass incoming audio through the audio chain. This is because it was designed to capture audio from outside of the app. The exceptions being IAA apps and Audiobus. This limits it's usefulness as an effect, which I now recall was the main reason I did not implement it as an IAA effect; there is just no way to pass the incoming audio through to the output of AUM.

    I am looking into getting pass through working though. I may be able to only enable it for IAA hosted sessions, but I have to look into potential latency issues.
  • thx Christian!! much appreciated
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